Weekly Movie Reviews

This week there’s the new action flick The Expendables 2, the sexy sci-fi horror Species, the classic war film The Longest Day and the modern alien invasion in Skyline.

The Expendables 2 (2012)

When Sly and his action hero buddies first joined up I was sceptical but found it so much fun. It was great to see a team of aged musclemen (and Jason Statham) blowing stuff up with such gusto. It’s a shame then that the sequel has lost all that made the original work. The jokes are flat, the guest appearances are cringeworthy and the action is so cheesy. It’s fun in places but overall awful.


Species (1995)

Scientists receive a message from an alien race that tells them how to mess about with DNA so like the fools we are we create a human/alien hybrid that runs amok looking to reproduce. This is a surprisingly entertaining sci-fi/horror that does really well for the first 3/4 of the film but then when it turns into a bug hunt it loses all intelligence and credibility. If only they had left the alien in human form!


The Longest Day (1962)

I’ll admit it; there were numerous moments while watching this movie about the D-Day landings in Normandy that I got all emotional. Watching this excellent retelling of that fateful day fills me with such pride at the 1000s of men who put their lives on the line and the incredible sacrifices that were made. Forget Saving Private Ryan, this is the D-Day film that deserves to be praised. Fantastic!


Two people stand below an alien space craft and a blue beam of lightSkyline (2010)

Aliens attack and some survivors are holed up in a posh apartment. They feel like if they can get to the water they can escape on a boat. What follows is some pretty bad acting, a clichéd story and some pretty amazing special effects. What actually surprised me about this film was it got better the further on it went and ended in such a way that should have been awful but turned out quite cool!


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