Weekly movie reviews

It’s been a busy week and so only two films got watched: Classic Arnie in The Running Man and the modern complex drama Rabbit Hole.

The Running Man (1987)

In the future, game shows involve criminals fighting for their lives against heavily armed gladiators. Arnie’s wrongly convicted military man gets thrown into the show to help boost ratings and soon shows them who’s boss. Cheesy and OTT as any good Arnie film should be this is fun but feels very dated. Think The Hunger Games crossed with Battle Royale but a decade before they were made!


Rabbit Hole (2010)

Kidman and Eckhart are a married couple who lost their young son in a road accident months before. The father needs to hold on to the memory of his son to keep on going while the mother wants to get rid of any reminders from her life. This is amazing if difficult to watch at times. The complex emotions of losing a child are portrayed brilliantly by the stellar cast. A must see if you can handle it.


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