Top 5… Vampire movies

This week sees Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter hit the big screen and my expectations are really low. However it was the perfect opportunity to list my top 5 vampire movies. One comment though, I have never seen Fright Night or The Lost Boys so they will be sadly missing from my list.

5. Near Dark

Using some of the cast of then husband James Cameron’s Aliens movie from a year earlier, Kathryn Bigelow introduces us to a very violent and memorable vampire family. A young man falls for one of the group and is soon turned, turned back and then fighting for his life and that of his love.

Dark, bloody and my kind of vampires!

4. Interview with the Vampire

The film that properly launched Brad Pitt’s career into super stardom, starring opposite Tom Cruise as vampires living through history. Cruise embracing who he is and the bloodlust and Pitt in conflict with himself throughout. This is a serious vampire movie and polar opposites to the rest of the blood-soaked flicks in this list. You can see the inspirations for Buffy throughout this film and that’s not a bad legacy to leave!

3. 30 Days of Night

A film that should have stank actually turns out to be terrifying and lots of fun. A small Alaskan town goes through 30 days without sunlight every year and this year a band of very gruesome and violent vampires comes to town to drain it dry. A few people manage to survive the initial onslaught by hiding and most of the film centres around them making through to the end. Not for the feint of heart!

2. From Dusk Till Dawn

When Tarantino and Rodriguez get together they usually create fun movies and From Dusk Till Dawn is no exception. A film of two halves: The first follows two criminals as they try to make it across the border to Mexico. This part of the film is all about characters and dialogue and is heavily influenced by Tarantino. The second is when they get trapped in a bar run by vampires who intend on making the humans their meal.

This was Clooney’s first major roll outside of ER and boy does he make an impact. The charisma and presence is there to see and he sheds his doctors coat in one easy move.

1. Let the Right One In

I was told that the less you know about this film the better and I am going to follow that advice and tell you as little as possible. This original Swedish movie (not the American remake) is incredible. If you haven’t seen it watch it, if you have seen it then join me in watching it all over again.

Honourable mentions

  • Blade trilogy – Wesley Snipes was born to play this role. Even the third one is fun!
  • Underworld series – Ignoring the awful final film, this is a great series for proper vampire fans. Plus Kate Beckinsale in leather!
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula – Coppola’s flawed by beautiful telling of the original Dracula story.
  • Nosferatu – A classic and contains so many monumental sequences that live on.
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