Top 5… Trilogies

The Dark Knight Rises promises to end Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy in style when it opens on Friday so here is my rundown of the best trilogies of all time. Here are my rules:

  1. To make it a trilogy there needs to be a solid thread tying the films together, Park Chan-wook’s “Vengeance trilogy” are not strongly connected enough to count.
  2. There must be no fourth in the series, the Alien Quadrilogy is out.
  3. Prequels and reboots don’t count towards a trilogy so the X-Men films are in (although unlikely to make an appearance).

5. The “Toy Story” trilogy

Toy Story managed where most trilogies fail; to create each film to be as good as the others. From the moment we first meet Woody and pals to when we say our final goodbye this trilogy is Pixar on top form and will come to be known as one of the greatest trilogies ever in decades to come.

4. The “Back to the Future” trilogy

A case of diminishing returns cannot distract from what is a fantastic trilogy that defined a generation. These were the films I grew up watching and loving and nothing manages to create the same effortless enjoyment today.

3. The “Original Star Wars” trilogy

The original Star Wars trilogy is as close to sci-fi perfection as you can get and it amazes me how well it has stood the test of time. Iconic characters, riveting plot and enough spectacle to grip even today’s ADD youth.


2. The “Dollars” Trilogy

I ummed and ahhed about whether to consider this trilogy based on my rules but decided it counted as Eastwood’s Man with No Name character does appear in each film and there is a clearly implied connection between them that Once Upon a Time in the West doesn’t have. This is the western genre at its best.

1. The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy

I had high-hopes for Jackson’s adaptation and he managed to create what is the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time. The trilogy is really one 11½ hour film and when watched a such is phenomenal. This ranks as my favourite film ever made and was clearly the only choice for the top spot here.

Honourable Mentions

  • The Matrix – The first totally eclipses the others but this is still a magnificent sci-fi epic.
  • Mad Max – An icon and superstar was born when Mel Gibson took up the lead role here.
  • Blade – Snipes was born for this role and even the last one is fun!
  • Godfather – The first two are great but the last is so disappointing that it knocked it from the main list.
  • Evil Dead – Each film get slightly less scary and more comical as Raimi explores the horror genre.
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