Top 5… Marvel films

The Avengers movie is finally upon us and with over 25 films under their belt it made sense to run down my top 5 marvel movies!

5. Captain America: The First Avenger

Some superhero films try and squeeze backstory and character introduction into the first 30 minutes of a film in order for them to get on with the main feature. Captain America though is all back story and works all the more for it. Set in World War 2 it tells the story of the skinny Steve Rogers who is given a super drug to make him a super-soldier. From there he takes on the excellently campy Nazi nemesis the Red Skull and his army of Hydra soldiers. Endlessly enjoyable!

4. X-Men: First Class

This film tells the story of how Professor X and Magneto came to be friends and ultimately enemies and could have been another paint-by-numbers superhero film except they decided to cast the brilliant James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender in the lead roles. Watching the friendship form between them and was better than any special effects or mutant powers the rest of the film tried to through at me.

3. X2

X-Men set the scene but X2 took it onwards with the characters well established and able to get on with story and action. The mutants are on the run in this one with the evil William Stryker out to end all mutant life. Plus, the homosexual subtext brought to this film by director Bryan Singer elevates it to another level. The “coming out” scene at the parents house typifies this completely.

2. Iron Man

Welcome home Robert Downey Jr. You were missed. This was the role that allowed him to show his charisma, wit and charm and took him to the top of the A-list in one fell swoop. Womanising, billionaire, genius inventor Tony Stark is captured by terrorists who want him to build them a some super rockets. Instead he builds himself a body suit to escape. When he returns home he decides to stop creating weapons to sell and instead become one himself. Funny, entertaining and well acted make this a hard film to beat!

1. Spider-Man 2

I’m not a great fan of Spider-Man but I have to admit that Sam Raimi didn’t just create a superhero film with Spider-Man 2 but actually a really good piece of cinema. There’s so much going on and Raimi juggles it like a pro. Dr Octopus makes a terrifying and totally convincing villain. Peter’s childhood friend Harry Osborn dealing with the murder of his father. The almost-relationship with Mary Jane. It’s all here and stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Honourable Mentions

  • Blade/Blade 2 – For me this was the film that started the Marvel renaissance and Wesley Snipes was born for the role.
  • Howard the Duck – Yes it is Marvel and is a cheesy love of mine!
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