Top 5… Ben Stiller movies

The latest Ben Stiller effort, The Watch, is out this week so it gives me an opportunity to list my top 5 Ben Stiller films.

5. Mystery Men

A group of inept, amateur superheroes are called into action in this very funny riff of the superhero genre. Ben Stiller is Mr Furious whose super power is getting angry which Stiller does very well. A far better film than it looks like it is going to be.

4. There’s Something about Mary

Nothing can top the first time I saw this film. Tears of laughter were running down my face. Sadly the Farrelly Brothers’ comedy doesn’t quiet stand up as highly under repeat viewings but it is still a great comic turn for Stiller as the main love interest of the titular Mary.

There's Something About Mary

3. Dodgeball

A rare villain role for Stiller and he laps it up as White Goodman the evil gym owner out to take down Vince Vaughn’s smalltime gym. With a ridiculous moustache and head of hair he camps up and steals every scene he is in.

2. Starsky & Hutch

There was a period when every TV show from the 70s and 80s was being remade into films and being remade badly. Out of this period though came the excellent Starsky & Hutch with Stiller excellent as Starsky and gifting us with the immortal catch-phrase “Do it”.

1. The Royal Tenenbaums

There was only ever going to be one pick for the top spot in this list though and that was Stiller’s excellent turn in Wes Anderson’s masterpiece. Playing the father of two boys who all wear the same tracksuits throughout the movie, Stiller is brilliant as one of Hackman’s sons in this tale of a strangely disfunctional family.

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