Top 5… Bank scenes

Here in the UK it is a Bank Holiday Monday and what better way to celebrate a national day off than with a run down of my top 5 bank scenes!

5. Point Break

Keanu Reeves’ undercover cop has his cover blown and is forced to participate in a final robbery by the criminals he befriended led by the never better Patrick Swayze. The tension mounts as Keanu starts to lose grip on who he is and what he is meant to do. Any bank robbery that finishes in a skydive without a parachute has got to be good!

4. The Dark Knight

Five criminals with clown masks rob a bank. As each man completes his job he gets killed by one of the remaining crims, “One less share right” until there is only one man left: The Joker himself. Calm, cool and a great way to open an amazing film.

3. It’s a Wonderful Life

On the way to his honeymoon, George Bailey notices a run on the bank in the small town where he owns the Building and Loan. To stop the money hungry Henry Potter from getting ownership he has to convince his customers not to take out more than the $2000 he has for his honeymoon. It comes down to the wire but the bank is saved. The highlight for me is when Miss Davis asks for just $17.50. Priceless.


2. Dog Day Afternoon

A man robs a bank so that his lover can have a sex change operation. The heist was doomed from the start when one of the three thieves bottles it and has to leave once a gun is pulled. Then the remaining two (Pacino and Cazale) discover that there is no money left in the bank as the daily pickup has already happened. When the police arrive they are trapped and soon there is a crowd of police and media outside. The police have itchy trigger fingers but can’t do anything with the crowds watching on. “Attica! Attica!”

1. Heat

This epic crime film builds and builds the tension and rewards in amazing fashion with the greatest bank robbery scene ever. The robbery inside the building is good but then when DeNiro, Sizemore and Kilmer get to the getaway car and notice the cops hiding behind a bus all hell breaks loose! The ensuing scene has to be watched in full HD with the sound cranked right up. Pulse pounding and unrelenting. Perfection!

Honourable Mentions

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – Some people have alarms in their banks, Gringots has a dragon!
  • Run Lola Run – Three different views of the same bank scene. Genius!
  • Spider-Man 2 – Spider vs Octopus. Devastation ensues.
  • Mary Poppins – There’s always room for a musical number in any honourable mentions list!
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