Top 5… Assassins

Bourne is back only this time without Bourne being in it. But Jeremy Renner takes up the helm as the latest government sponsored assassin. So, to tie in nicely with this release, here are my top 5 movie assassins.

5. Martin Q Blank – Grosse Point Blank

Martin Blank is a cool assassin who is having a crisis of conscience and decides to go back to his 10 year high school reunion to try and make sense of things. Sharp, funny and very, very good at what he does makes Martin the first choice for this list.

4. Captain Benjamin L. Willard – Apocalypse Now

A highly decorated Colonel has gone rogue and slightly mad in the Cambodian jungle and the US army send Martin Sheen on a long boat ride to kill him. Coppola’s Vietnam war epic is possibly the best war movie ever made and at the heart of it is Willard’s battle with killing one of his own.

3. Anton Chigurh – No Country for Old Men

Armed with an assortment of weapons including a compressed air canister, Javier Bardem’s assassin in pursuit of a shed load of stolen drug money is the stand out performance amongst an incredible cast in the Coen brother’s modern classic.

2. The Terminator – The Terminator

“Sarah Connor?” spoken in a deep Austrian accent became instantly iconic and cemented this cybernetic hitman from the future into cinema history. That no Terminator ever actually succeeds in killing it’s intended target though is beside the point..

1. Léon – Leon

Jean Reno shook my world when I first saw him take in 13 year old Natalie Portman and train her in the ways of an assassin. He is the greatest hitman ever, completely professional, incredibly skilled and enjoys classic movies. What more could you ask for?

Honourable Mentions

  • Hit-Girl – Kick-Ass
  • Michael Sullivan – Road to Perdition
  • Harlen Maguire – Road to Perdition
  • The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad – Kill Bill vol 1 & 2
  • Vincent Vega & Jules Winnfield – Pulp Fiction
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