Highlights of the week

I come across a number of news stories, articles and random stuff that grabs my attention during the week. Here is the first of my weekly summaries of the stuff that I liked best.

First up a Dilbert cartoon that made me chuckle (source)

The Official Dilbert Website featuring Scott Adams Dilbert strips, animations and more


Next a series of animated gifs with hilarious captions at the bottom. I love the cat’s face in the last one. (source)


3th photo: “silence child! now go to sleep”
4th photo: “that’s how you do it, human.”


If you’ve seen John Carpenter’s classic sci-fi horror The Thing I urge you to watch this brilliant Pingu remake (source)


I love this animated gif from Animals Being Dicks. The almighty ruckus that ensues is insane! (source)

“Slowly…almost there…just one more…step…DIE BITCH!”

Time for something a little more serious. This (100% real) photograph of a map of the world caught in a water droplet is amazing. (source)

Earth Drop 2


I just love the look on the dog’s face in this photo. Priceless! (source)

rasputin: NOBLE STEED.
“Noble steed”


And to finish off we have the infamous Tweet from Ed Miliband on Friday on hearing the news that Bob Holness had died. His excruciatingly embarrassing mistype is only topped by the brilliant Lib Dem press office response! (source)



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  1. Waterdrops are amazing stuff. Here are some of my favourites from my DeviantArt account.


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