Highlights of the week

Geek humour, stupid birds and movie in-jokes fill out the best of the web this week.

First up, here is a Total Film feature of the 50 greatest movie in-jokes. I found it a thoroughly entertaining read – http://www.totalfilm.com/features/50-greatest-movie-in-jokes-1

Quite what this bird was thinking of I don’t know but it learnt quickly not to mess with a cat (source)

You may need to know a little bit about modern physics to get this one. Geek humour (source)
The Official Dilbert Website featuring Scott Adams Dilbert strips, animations and more

I love it when stupid people get something idiotic thrown back in their face! (source)




A self cleaning litter tray? An amazingly cool idea but far too expensive to justify! (source)

This is the best advertisement for a college I have ever seen. Makes me want to go! (source)

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