Highlights of the week

Insane new sports, iPhones, motivational speakers and the best movie trailer I’ve seen in ages. My round-up of the week from the web.

Only Americans could come up with a sport called Ultimate Tazer Ball (source)


Check out these truths about what cats are really thinking http://shidknee.tumblr.com/post/17259065540/chrisissnowie-agentmlovestacos-cat-life


And on the topic of cats, there’s something mesmerising about this animated gif (source)

<p>Oh my ga…wat.</p>
<p>I can’t stop watching. 


I’m not going to say anything about this one. Just watch it and see what happens (source)


I’ve tried to use Siri on an iPhone 4S a couple of times and think it is the most overrated pile of rubbish that Apple have released yet and here’s why (source)


And speaking of iPhones, here is a video of someone confronting a phone thief on a train. What amazes me the most about this video though is that the thief just sits calmly until the train stops and then walks off his ill-gotten gains! (source)


And now for something more serious: I love TED talks and this is a great one about the power of positivity. A recommended viewing! (source)


Have you ever wondered what would happen if Osama Bin Laden came back as a zombie? Wonder no further, just watch this trailer for a future classic movie (source)

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