Highlights of the week

In this week’s highlights from the web we have a cattle based defensive shield, exploding white goods, 3D effects used brilliantly in a website and more.

Let’s start with footage that livestock are the latest advancement in defensive shields (source)


Every wondered what the Simpsons theme tune would sound like if sung by just one man? Me neither but it sounds pretty good! (source)


Watch this washing machine self-destruct in truly spectacular fashion (source)


This stunning 3D website is created completely in CSS and HTML5. Scroll the page down and drool (source) – http://acko.net/


Check out this perspective-altering aerial shot of a toll-road (source)


Optical Illusion of the Day: An aerial photo of an expanding-contracting toll road creates a real-life-Inception-esque illusion.


These flying drones are straight out of science fiction. It’s amazing to see how controlled they are when flying together. This is a must watch! (source)


And this is just terrifying… (source)

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