Highlights of the week

A weekly recap of the best bits from the web this past week.

I really don’t get most xkcd cartoons but occasionally there is one that tickle’s my geek nature. This is one such cartoon (source)



This LG advert is so good I had to watch it twice (source)


This video has almost tempted me to buy a plane ticket to California to visit Yosemite Park. Just beautiful! (Source)



I love debunking common myths and urban legends and this great video does a good job of debunking 10 of the more prevalent ones (source)


And finally, another clip of my sister singing a song from a stage show she was in a couple of years ago called Quadrophenia (source)

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

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  1. Why, oh why, can’t I simply just ‘Facebook Like’ a blog post? :p
    Last two highlights were good. :)

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