Highlights of the week

Lego Lord of the Rings, musical physics, mini pencil sculptures and more in this week’s highlights.

If you’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises (and by now who hasn’t?) watch this very interesting take on some alternative endings! (source)

A giant puddle and a huge tanking heading right for it. What exactly were these spectators expecting to happen? (source)

A cappella physics pop. I didn’t learn anything but it’s still very cool (if you’re geeky like me) (source)

If you are a film nerd like me you’ll enjoy watching this showcase of different film techniques in action using clips from cinema (source)

How come the Lego sets you can actually buy are never this cool. This fan made creation of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings is amazing! (source)

I love it when subtitles go wrong and the BBC’s auto subtitling when really wrong in this screengrab! (source)

And if you have gotten this far then you are in for a treat! Did you know that there is someone who sculpts out of pencils? Me neither but you have to check out these incredible creations! (source)

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