Highlights of the week

This week’s highlights include the beauty of space, pointless power tools and the science of cats!

Now be warned, cats do get dropped in this video (they are ok) but this is an excellent explanation of why they always land on their feet. (source)

You’ve heard of amphibious tanks but what about a tank that actually drives on water? (source)

Who would win a 10m race? Usain Bolt running or a diver diving? Find out here…

Bryan Singer (of Usual Suspects fame) has started a web series about tech implants that go wrong. Check out the first two (short) episodes (source)

This is a real picture of two galaxies colliding. Just stop and realise what it is you are looking at in this picture! (source)
See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
 the highest resolution version available.

And finally, from Black & Desker we have the tool we really didn’t need! (source)

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