Highlights of the week

DIY rollercoasters, laser chopping devices, VHS notebooks and more in this week’s highlights.

The only way Andy Murray’s Olympic gold medal would have been exciting would have been if he’d have been playing with flaming tennis balls. (source)

A VHS tape notebook? How has no-one thought of this until now?! (source)

Did you think Usain Bolt’s Olympic record on Sunday was impressive? Check out this video comparison of all the 100m Olympic runners since 1896 to see how impressive: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/08/05/sports/olympics/the-100-meter-dash-one-race-every-medalist-ever.html (source)

He he. “Socially awkward penguin” (source)
Penguin slips while getting food from a zoo keeper - AnimalsBeingDicks.com

At a time when so many online accounts are getting hacked it’s good to hear Google doing such a good job at keeping your account secure. Watch this video to find out how to make you Google account super safe!(source)

Bored of swings and climbing frames, this child has had a mini rollercoaster made for her. It looks like fun but sooooo dangerous! (source)

I just bought a whetstone to sharpen my knives but if this super-cool laser chopping device ever becomes a reality (which really it should if it works) then my whetstone is redundant! (source)

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