Highlights of the week

Giant robots, little robots, Lego Olympics and a cautionary tale for cat owners everywhere. All this and more in my highlights from the past week.

Those crazy Japanese inventors have gone and created a giant mech that you can sit inside and pilot. Whatever next?! (source)

This poor little black goat is going to be picked on by this incredibly hyperactive goat for a while I suspect(source)
Black goat gets picked on part 1 - AnimalsBeingDicks.comBlack goat gets picked on part 2 - AnimalsBeingDicks.com

If you’ve seen Prometheus watch this. If not skip it as it will spoil the movie for you! (source)

If you can get past the annoying American interviewer, this is a great video showing how a guy in California built a life-size Wall-E robot that actually moves. (source)

As we are in the middle of the Olympics someone has recreated the London Olympic park entirely in Lego. Amazing! (source)
This Lego Olympic Park Is Just Like the Real Thing

If you own a cat you should read this horror story of what can happen if you get bitten: http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2012/08/why-cat-bites-are-pretty-much-the-worst-thing-ever/

Bored of carrying food waste from the chopping board to the bin? Why not bring the two together to start with! (source)

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