Highlights of the week

Hot kisses, squashed rubber animals, space flights, Darth Vader and more in this week’s highlights.

Let’s kick off with a creepy video or an electronic snake thing climbing up a pole and onto a man’s arm. Because real snakes aren’t creepy enough! (source)

Two weeks ago I shared a very clever video of a man having a conversation with his 12-year-old self. Well this week I have a funny Star Wars parody of Darth Vader having a conversation with young Anakin. (source)

Paul Soares Jr is a gaming geek who makes a lot of videos about indie games. This week he has a play through of a very scary game called Slender. Worth a look for you horror fans! (source)

He he! Yesterday shipping from Amazon. (source)

The SpaceX mission made history recently by being the first commercial flight to dock with the ISS. Check out this short video that beautifully captured the whole thing (source)

I hate criminals but love it when they get their arses kicked, especially if it is by a geriatric with a handgun!(source)

Would you swerve to intentionally hit an animal in the road? Check out this hilarious science experiment that sets out to find how many people would. (source)

So, you’re next to the Kilauea lava flow in Hawaii and it starts to rain. You pull out your camera and backlight and set out to take some pictures. Then, for a laugh you decide to grab your wife, bend her back and kiss her for the last photo. This is the stunning result. (source)

And finally, for you cinema fans here is a gorgeous compilation of 135 shots from all kinds of films. See how many you can recognise! (source)

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