Highlights of the week

In this week’s highlights we have Lego masterpieces, Apple typewriters, scanners that will know everything about you and the illusive Higgs Boson explained.

The clever boys and girls at Rolls Royce clearly have too much time on their hands to construct a full size rotating turbine out of Lego! (source)

And continuing the Lego theme, this clever chap has created the most detailed Lego structure I have seen yet. The Coliseum has never looked so blocky! (source)

I have fond memories of the typewriter I had as a kid and this bit of software gives you that typewriter effect on your home PC. I can’t believe no-one thought of this before! (source)

Read this amazing article about a new laser scanning device that can analyse everything about you in real-time and is set to revolutionise security. Science is amazing!

There’s a lot of information flying around about the discovery at CERN of the Higgs Boson. These two very short videos helped explain to me a little better what it’s all about.

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