Highlights of the week

It’s a good week this week. There are interviews from the future, open-source hardware, floating LEDs and very, very stupid people!

Let’s kick off with a funny and charming video of a 32 year-old man talking to his 12 year-old self via a videotape he had recorded 20 years earlier. Very, very clever! (source)

Arduino is an open-source motherboard that is changing the world. Check out this cool video that shows some of the innovative ideas it has been sued for so far. (source)

Here’s a funny little video inside YouTube’s complaints department. (source)

He he. This is almost worth getting a black sink in my new bathroom so I can do the same trick with my cats! (source)

I love science and technology and how amazing new innovations are. This levitating light bulb is another example of the brilliance of invention. (source)

And what better way to counter the ingenuity of mankind with the utter stupidity of mankind. Here are some lessons on what not to do with fireworks. (source)

Ever wondered why racing drivers get paid so much money? Super-human reflexes is why! (source)

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