Highlights of the week

So many highlights, so little time! After a quiet week last week the Internet was back with a vengeance this week. I recommend taking a look at everything as there is so much good stuff to see!

If you haven’t seen Prometheus yet then skip this one. Otherwise enjoy a very amusing take on scientist training! (source)

Ford have come up with an ingenious idea that uses the Bluetooth on your phone to unlock passwords on your computer when you approach. All e need now is someeone else to come along and perfect this!(source)

These Lightsaber wielding robot arms are pretty cool. What would have been cooler though would have been if they had programmed them to duel instead of just waving them about. (source)

Here’s a great video explanation of why the Mars Curiosity landing in August will be a phenomenal achievement when it goes off without a hitch! (source)

Ever wanted to ride a skateboard down some stairs? Me neither but at least I know I could with one of these clever skateboards! (source)

Watch this trailer for a charming looking film called Robot and Frank (source)

Being a regular cinema attendee I very much appreciate the following screen layout. I can’t wait for it to be rolled out nationally! (source)

Say goodbye to what shreds of spare time you had. In conjuction with Google Chrome, there is now a website where you can build Lego structures online and save it to a location on a virtual map of Australia. You need to check this out! (source)

Here’s a great video explaining how Aspirin and Ibuprofen work. I’d always wanted to know this! (source)

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