Highlights of the week

Not many highlights this week but I do promise action, guns and danger with what there is…

Those crazy Americans have gone and done it again and built an assault rifle for any occasion (source)

Liam Neeson and Luc Besson decide that if it ain’t broke, why fix it with the new Taken 2 trailer (source)

Are you a smoker? If you are think about how you might react in a similar situation as presented in this Thai anti-smoking ad (source)
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  1. Taken 2 trailer looks like it could be another good one – will definitely be one to check out in a cinema with some good sound system.

    As for the gun, I wouldn’t comment but he said the Z word so I best had to ;)

    Assuming you’ve stopped caring about staying hidden and need some light, surely it’d be better to have a 180 degree lighting instead of 4 torches pointed in the same direction. I’m sure one brighter torch would be better than 4 single ones.

    Unless you need 300ish bullets mounted on your gun, you’d be much better supporting all that weight on your torso and not in your arms.

    3 scopes sighted for hundred yard increments? Why bother engaging when they’re that far away. Have one scope (1/3 the weight and nuisance) and just shoot better.

    I’m guessing they’re not expecting to hold that gun for any period of time cos it must weigh a tonne.

    Put the ammo in your packs, have 1 scope, a silencer and a collapsible bi-pod. Simples :)

  2. ooooh yeah, and the smoking adverts been pulled :(

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