Highlights of the week

Amphibious cars, musical trailers, sun-aged faces and killing Hitler. Find all this and more in my highlights from the week.

Peter Wheeler, the owner of TVR, had a vision for an off-road vehicle. Three years after his death, his pet project has come of age. (source)

Watching this barman mix a cocktail is mesmerising stuff! (source)

I have seen Les Miserables in the West End more than any other show and when they announced a film I was sceptical. Seeing this first trailer though has made me think that it might just work… (source)

He he. Time travel humour… (source)
Kill Hitler

Ever wondered why there is such debate over Pluto being a planet or not? Didn’t think so but I did and this short informative video answered all my questions (source)

I love concept technology and seeing where we are headed. This video for a transparent touchscreen phones shows that all those fancy displays in sci-fi movies are nearly a reality! (source)

And finally, for all you vain people who think a suntan is the most important thing in the world, check out this trucker’s 69 year old face. Guess which side suffered from premature aging due to being next to an open window for years… (source)

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