Highlights of the week

Foam parties in aircraft hangers, Android device 3-in-1, deep sea creatures and the trick to cooking perfect bacon. All this and more in my highlights from the week!

The rivalry between dolphins and seagulls just went to a whole new level! (source)
Dolphin hits bird in mid air - AnimalsBeingDicks.com

What happens when the emergency fire system gets triggered in an Air Force hanger? This is what! He he! (source)

Who remembers Wolfenstein 3D? I do and now I can now play it from the comfort of my web browser! Click the image below to try it for yourself. (source)
Wolfenstein 3D

I’m on the lookout for a replacement Android phone and at the moment the Asus PadFone is leading the pack of contenders. I just hope it is as good as it looks when it is released (source)

The Russians have discovered some deep dwellling sea creatures in the White Sea. The photos are amazing so I recommend you click the picture below to see them all! (source)

It Seems That Aliens Are Living Under the White Sea

Ever wondered what you sound like to other people? Follow this incredibly simple trick to find out! (source)

And finally, how do you cook perfect bacon? In water of course…! (source)

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