Highlights of the week

Star Wars, 80′s action heroes, complex physics and Paralympics. So much to cover in the highlights from the past week.

Ever wondered what all the fuss with the elusive Higgs Boson is and what those clever people at CERN are up to? Watch this easy to understand video to find out! (source)

Here is a trailer for a documentary that looks into “the links between humanity and the rest of nature.” I recommend watching it in as high a resolution as you can! (source)

If I had an Iron Man suit like this I’d probably wear it all the time and gate-crash as many fancy dress parties as I could find! (source)

The cast list for the Expendables sequel is enough to make a grown man weep with joy. The trailer just makes it more real! (source)

The man that sung The Simpsons theme tune all by himself is back with the theme from Star Wars! (source)

And finally, presented in one continuous take and with no CGI help, here is a very powerful advert for the Paralympics in London later this year from the Canadian Paralympics Committee. (source)

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