Highlights of the week

Deep sea facts, crazy birds, PR stunts and wide-eyed geriatrics are just some of the highlights from the last week.

I normally find Rube Goldberg machines a bit dull but this record-breaking one is well worth a watch (source)

Quite what this pigeon thinks it is doing I don’t know but it is very impressive! (source)
Pigeon tries to take flight while running on escalator - AnimalsBeingDicks.com

This clever infographic cleverly shows how deep the ocean really is and some more amazing facts (source)
James Cameron has said that he didn't know its song would be so beautiful. He didn't close the door in time. He's sorry.

And on the theme of the deep sea, here is a hilarious trailer for Titanic SUPER 3D!!! (source)

If only all PR stunts were this much fun! (source)

Watch this footage of a flow of water apparently frozen in time. It has not been digitally enhanced but does use a speaker to vibrate the water at the same frequency as the cameras refresh rate. Genius! (source)

And finally, a sweet video of an old man in a nursing home come alive when he hears music played through an iPod. (source)

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