Highlights of the week

Talking teddies, rock-hard monkeys and the most awesome usage of Microsoft Surface I have ever seen are just some of my highlights from the week.

Let’s start the highlights with the most insane and hard monkey I have ever seen. I love it that even when it hits the window at such speed it doesn’t seem bothered! (source)
Monkey swings on rope and tries to kick man in the back - AnimalsBeingDicks.com

Brace yourself for this one. This video shows what a Microsoft Surface device is capable of by demoing a fully interactive astronomy application. It may be long but I was engrossed the whole way through and even let out an audible expletive around the 6.20 mark. Give it a watch a be amazed! (source)

I hate April Fools Day because for a day and the lead up to it I can’t really trust any stories I read or hear about. This video explaining the history of the day though is pretty good. Assuming it is real of course! (source)

Here’s a very vulgar trailer for a new film called Ted from the creator of Family Guy. Be warned, the language is not pleasant! (source)

This picture of the saddest owl in the history of the planet made me laugh. Does that make me heartless? (source)

If you’ve ever seen Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Rear Window then you are going to love this. Someone has ingeniously taken every shot from the film and created a static shot of the entire film from outside the apartment block. It has to be seen to be believed! (source)

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