Highlights of the week

It’s only videos this week, from spooky trailers to razor adverts…

I didn’t know trikes could be cool until I saw these guys flying down roads on them (source)

Keeping up with the flying robot craze, here is a very clever (and funny) video of some robots playing the James Bond theme tune (source)

How you teach a 1 year old to drum before he can even walk is an amazing achievement and this clip is mind blowing (source)

I love the film Coraline when I saw it last year and the follow-up from the same team looks equally good (source)

This watch will probably cost more than I’ll earn in my lifetime but the way it tells the time with floating balls is cool (source)

I might even be convinced by an iPad if it sported some of these cool concept features (source)

Ever wondered what Mario would be like with a portal gun? Me neither but someone did and this is the result (source)

I’d be very tempted to shave my beard off if this company ever came to the UK. The best advert for razors I have ever seen. (source)

NASA’s space shuttle program may have ended but that won’t stop this Lego space shuttle carrying on where they left off (source)

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  1. Haha some cool videos but I think you mean watch, not phone, regarding the XTREM-1 :wink:
    iPad concept just looks daft. Edge to edge screens are brilliant until you use it and knock the edge, causing it to split the whole way across. Plus the gaming method is just ridiculous.
    Loving the lego, shaving and ParaNorman videos though haha, thanks for the share

  2. Good spot with the watch/phone mix-up. I’ve made the correction.

    I liked the way the iPad concept was edge to edge display with out the needless border. The holographic gaming though was just stupid!

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