Hello 2012… I’m back!

About six months ago my web host deleted a database on my server, essentially wiping out the website that I had grown with articles for two years. I can’t be cross with them though as I’m the one that didn’t make backups.

Then, two months ago I decided to take a break from social media. It was a tough time for Facebook and Twitter without my inane wittering but somehow they have survived.

Now it is the start of 2012 and a perfect time to make a comeback!

So, what is my purpose for this website?

1) Films, films, films

My biggest passion in life is the beautiful art of the moving picture. Since my teens I have been hooked on movies and have watched far too many in my life! I’ll be posting some reviews, listing various top five lists and generally boring you to tears with my incorrect opinions!

2) Development, technology and all things geek

I’m a software developer for a living and I totally love my job. I get to create and solve problems all day long! I’m constantly learning new things and finding out how things are done so I’ll share some of the more interesting things on here for the two of you that are mildly interested.

I’m also fascinated by science and technology and the latest gadgets. Anything ingenious that I spot or find out about may get a mention on here too.

3) Me

And of course there’ll also be the odd post or two about me. Stuff I’m thinking, opinions I have, interesting adventures. That kind of thing.

Hopefully, I’ll post at least one thing in the next twelve months that people find interesting. If not then I’ll let my web host delete my database again to save you all from more boredom in 2013!

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  1. Well, let’s hope it’s been worth the wait.

    Remember, there are no “incorrect opinions”; just ones that difer from mine ;-)

    Here’s hoping for something scintillating or I’ll be unfollowing you quicker than you can say debugger.

  2. Um…where’s No. 3?

    • No. 3 was going to be computer games but I decided it could belong under “all things geek”. However, my amazing counting skills then forget to update the number 4. Now done, thanks for the prompt!

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