Goodbye Motorola Milestone, hello Asus Padfone

PIC000003Three years ago I remember opening my brand new Motorola Milestone (Motorola Droid in the USA) android phone and it totally changing my life. I suddenly had access to so much information and so many services wherever I was.

It started to show its age after two years though and was struggling to run all the apps I needed it to. It was time to hunt for a new phone.

Choices, choices…

Many candidates have come an gone over the last year:

  • Motorola Droid 3/4 – Being familiar with this family of phones made this a perfect choice. Sadly Motorola never brought either of these phones out in the UK.
  • HTC One X – When I first heard about this phone I thought it could be the one as it was top of the range. However, it wasn’t different enough for me.
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 – The flagship android phone was an outsider for me as I cannot follow the crowd. No matter how excellent this phone is, too many other people have one and I’m allergic to following the crowd!
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus – The latest Google Nexus phone would have allowed me to embrace my customization and cutting edge needs. This was the most likely winner until…

At the Mobile World Congress I watched with interest at the phones being announced and one stood out above the crowd. It showed innovation, style and, above all, practicality. It was the Asus Padfone.

And the winner is…

IMG_20120714_171521The Asus Padfone was trying something new. It was combining a phone with a tablet. It wasn’t trying to be the best of either but was promising to marry the two in style. The phone is the brains of the package and slots into the back of the tablet. There is no need to sync data between the two devices as they are one.

I’ve come to realise that my phone is not really used as a phone anymore. I make and receive about five phone calls a month. IMG_20120714_171548I do however use lots and lots of Internet bandwidth. My phone is a communication device of the modern age.

So it makes perfect sense that 90% of the time my phone is in tablet form. It sits on my desk (at home or work) waiting for me to interact with it or take it to a meeting. It’s only when I journey away from my office that the phone comes out and nicely slides into my pocket.

It is already changing the way I work and is opening new ways to interact with services and devices. I can see this revolution continuing as I find more innovative ways to integrate my hybrid device into my life.


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