Cinema Review–Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

When the first Sherlock Holmes movie came out at Christmas 2009 I wasn’t overly fussed to go and see it. As such I missed it on the big screen and eventually caught up with it over a year later. All I can say is I totally loved it.

Now the time has come for the inevitable sequel. How does it compare?

Well, there were four main things that made the first one so good: The action, the sleuthing, the baddy and the central friendship. Let’s run through these one by one and see how the sequel compares.

The action

When time slowed down in the first one and Sherlock talked through exactly hat he was going to do to win a fight I was gripped. In the sequel it doesn’t seem to happen as much and when it does it feels a bit lame. There is one standout set-piece though set in a forest but the rest just can’t live up to the first one.

The sleuthing

Sherlock seemed to be more of a detective in the first film whereas in the sequel you only get to see the outcome of his detecting and not him talking through what he is thinking so much. This was a little disappointing as I liked the sleuthing.

The baddy

I love Mark Strong and think his bad guy in the last film was brilliant. In this one the little know Jared Harris steps up to play Sherlock’s nemesis Moriarty. However, I can see how Guy Ritchie was attempting to make him super intelligent but ultimately it just felt like Sherlock had been dumbed down. Shame.

The “bromance”

Thankfully Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr haven’t forgotten how to play off each other and the times when they are not both involved in a scene is a real let down. These two make the film and thankfully that is played to full effect in this sequel.

So, in summary, I enjoyed it but not as much as the original however I would happily sit through a third film as long as Watson and Sherlock are in every scene!


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