Cinema reviews: The best and worst of cinema

It’s a real high and low for reviews this week. The best film I have seen all year and also followed by the worst. They are Jaws and Red Lights. Can you guess which is which?


Movie poster shows a woman in the ocean swimming to the right. Below her is a large shark, and only its head and open mouth with teeth can be seen. Within the image is the film's title and above it in a surrounding black background is the phrase "The terrifying motion picture from the terrifying No. 1 best seller." The bottom of the image details the starring actors and lists credits and the MPAA rating.When I heard that Jaws was coming back to the big screen I knew without a doubt that I was going to go see it. It was already one of my favourite films and the opportunity to see it on the big screen for the first time was too much to miss.

What I realised more than ever before while watching this on a big screen with big sound is that while the suspense and scares are great and fun it is the characters that pull this film together.

We start with police chief Brody (Roy Sheider never better) trying to protect the Amity populace. Then he is joined by marine biologist Hooper (charismaticially played by Richard Dreyfuss) who brings a much needed buddy role for the isolated Brody and finally as they finally go after the shark the bonkers Quint (a scene-stealing Robert Shaw) joins the team with his rickety boat.

This is a film that starts well and just gets better and better as it goes along before finishing with a perfectly calculated climax. They really don’t make films like this anymore and cinema is so much worse off for it.


Great suspense, top class score, fantastic actors in brilliantly memorable roles. It seems a shame though that the best film of the year so far is a rereleased movie from 1975.


Red Lights

In total contrast to Jaws, Red Lights is a film that starts bad and jus gets worse and worse before climaxing with the most stupid twist I have had the misfortune of seeing.

Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy are scientists who go to disprove paranormal activity. Be it séances or telepaths they will spot the wires, see the tricks and arrest the conmen.

This is until blind miracle man Robert DeNiro comes back into the limelight and throws down a challenge to the two of them they can’t possibly accept. The last person who did died of a heart attack!

Oh my word. After the first hour I wanted to bash my brains out on the seat in front of me. After the second hour I really thought I had done! This was so bad it was mind boggling. The “twists” presented at the end are so lame it makes the film even more ridiculous. And it is littered with plot holes you could sail the Titanic through.

How they convinced decent actors like Toby Jones, Weaver, Murphy and Elizabeth Olsen to star in utter tosh like this I’ll never know.


I have never walked out of a cinema before and this film was the closest I have ever come. Avoid for your own sanity!


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