Cinema review–Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

When I left the cinema having watched the fourth instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise I’m glad nobody asked me what I thought because I honestly couldn’t say. I felt like I hadn’t enjoyed it even though I clearly remember thinking it was excellent. It dawned on me a few days later what had happened. The film was like a bell curve; it started well and the central set-piece in Dubai was as amazing as people had said it was. However, as the film neared its conclusion is totally ran out of steam and by the end I had forgotten how good the first 90 minutes were and was left disappointed by the lame last 30.

So, firstly the positives:

  • Simon Pegg is brilliant. His comic character has the right balance of humour and seriousness and the film was better whenever he was around.
  • Jeremy Renner was also very good and his rising star in Hollywood is something to watch.
  • Tom Cruise was as reliable as usual and there’s a very good reason he has done this four times now.
  • Dubai was amazing and goes down as one of the best set-pieces I have seen in a very long time.

But now the negatives:

  • The baddie was just lame. Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the last film was terrifying. Michael Nyqvist in this film is almost anonymous.
  • It seemed like the writer of this film forgot to watch the previous films when writing Tom’s character. He’s gone from a fearless, focussed agent to a man with weaknesses and a bit of a fool in places.
  • Everything that happens in India just seems tacked on and rushed.

In the end, it could have been brilliant and rivalling the third film for my accolades but because it let itself down in a few places it has to settle with “as good as the second one”.


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