Cinema Review: Two mates and a baby

Just one film this week but it’s a good one, Friends with Kids.

Friends with Kids

There are 6 thirty-something friends living in New York. Two couples and two singles. At a dinner party we see how they are all fun-loving and get along so well. Fast forward 4 years and one of the couples have twins running amuck and the other have a new born baby. The two singles don’t fit anymore.

However, on their way home from a disastrous dinner party they come up with a crazy plan. They’ll get around the problems of waiting for the right partners and just have a child together. They won’t get romantically involved but they will raise the child 50/50.

As far as premises go this sounds like the kind of film Jennifer Lopez would star in.Thankfully this is truly indie stuff with a cast of little-known actors who know how to show on-screen chemistry and make you laugh. In fact, for the majority of the film I found this to be one of the most enjoyable and funny comedies I had seen in a long time.

It’s a shame then that the final third of the film drops the comedy angle and goes for a serious conclusion. The laughs totally dry up and we are left with a drama about relationships and the moral that raising a child is not something to be taken lightly. This would be fine except that they weren’t very brave with they ended it and the last 15 minutes were back to back clichés that came close to derailing an otherwise fine film.


Very funny and intelligent for the first two-thirds of the film but a change in direction means the conclusion is not as satisfying as it deserved to be. Still a great movie though.


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