Cinema review – Space jail, space invaders and spaced out!

It’s a bumper review post this week with Guy Pearce blowing things up in space in Lockout, superhero madness with the long awaited Avengers Assemble and the history of a legendary musician in Marley.


If I were to create a maximum security prison in space I’d make it a little more secure than to allow one escaped con able to walk straight into the control room and free the 100s of cryogenically frozen pyschos without any resistance. But I guess this film doesn’t really care about believability. It’s about action and a charismatic lead.

Guy Pearce is fantastic in a rare action role and his ability to throw insults around is very entertaining. This is a real “switch your brain off film” but fairly enjoyable. Don’t expect too much and you won’t be too disappointed!


Avengers Assemble

I’m getting bored of Marvel. Iron Man 2 was a let down. Thor was camp and very dull. Captain America did something to peak my interest but that was more to do with the WW2 setting than the superhero aspect. So when the Avengers was announced I was very dubious. Then Joss Whedon was appointed director and my interest was shot through the roof. It’s about time someone gave this guy a big break chance.

So, how did he do? He did pretty amazingly actually! It is no easy job to balance 6+ superheroes in one film, giving them each ample screen-time and not letting any one of them outshine the others but Whedon does it brilliantly. The interactions between the main four (Stark/Iron Man, Rogers/Captain America, Thor and Banner/Hulk) are brilliant and you actually end up believing the relationships that form.

There’s an extended set piece in the middle section of the movie that was a little mis-handled but the final 30 minutes are superb and there were many moments where I had tears of laughter running down my face due to Whedon’s fantastic ability to juggle comedy and action.

I recommend this to any Marvel fans, any action fans and generally anyone that enjoys a good film. Don’t let the 145 minute running time put you off. You’ll hardly notice it!



I don’t watch many documentaries and I definitely don’t get to see any at the cinema as they rarely come to the screens in Swindon. However, when my local World of Cine decided to show the Bob Marley documentary for one day only I was there.

Marley was always one of those legends that has an amazing following years after his death but, apart from his music, I knew very little about the man himself. I didn’t even know how he died or when!

So through Kevin Macdonald’s beautiful retelling of Marley’s life from the countryside of Jamaica to Kingston and finally the world I was gripped.

At 145 minutes it was a little long and I did find myself checking my watch at times but I am so glad I saw it as I now have a new-found respect for not only a great musician but a wonderful and peace loving man.


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