Cinema review roundup – The Muppets versus the CIA!

This week I had the good fortune to catch up with The Muppets, This Means War and Safe House. Check out my reviews here.

The Muppets

I’ll admit that I’ve never been a big Muppets fan. I am too young for the TV series but was around for the movies. While the first few were good they soon became pretty awful (except A Muppets Christmas Carol which still is one of the best Christmas films). So when the new Muppets film came out I was not filled with the same sense of excitement as other people were.

I finally caught up with it this week though and found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience however not for the reasons you may expect! For me the star of this film is Jason Segal. You can see the love he has for the material and he totally gets it. Whenever he is on screen I am completely entranced  and usually crying with laughter. However, when he wanders off and leaves us with the real stars, the Muppets, I find myself getting bored.

So, it starts really, really well with Segal in the lead and some great song and dance numbers but when the Muppets take control it seems to slow down and become less entertaining. That’s not to say it was bad, it just couldn’t maintain the quality it started out with.


This Means War

I don’t give director McG as hard a time as some other people do. I kinda enjoyed the Charlie’s Angels films and so wasn’t as pessimistic about this film as other people were. The basic plot is two CIA agents (Tom Hardy and Chris Pine) start to date the same woman (Reese Witherspoon) and it is a competition for who she’ll pick.

Sadly, what follows is an extremely predictable (if occasionally amusing) rom-com. If the word “meh” was ever intended to be used to review a film, this is its ideal partner.


Safe House

Ryan Reynolds works for the CIA and his job is to sit in an empty safe house in Cape Town all day every day on the off chance that he might get a “house guest”. Then one day Denzel Washington, one of the CIA’s most wanted, is brought in. Unfortunately for Reynolds there are some extremely dangerous men trying to kill his guest so they have to run.

What works in this film is it is not a simple two men on the run flick as Reynolds not only has to flee his pursuers but also has to keep Denzel from escaping, something the first 15 minutes of the film shows he does well.

From the moment the safe house is compromised there is a lot of running, shouting and shooting which is handled pretty well. It’s a shame they had to throw in a “government conspiracy” plot line in it as well though as a simple bad guys versus the good guys plot would have worked far better. Why do screenwriters insist in making plots more complicated than they need to be. Arnold Schwarzenegger never had to deal with government conspiracies!


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