Cinema Review Roundup – Good Prosthetics, Bad CG and Kick-Ass Action

I’ve happily managed top see three films since my last review so rather than write a post for each I thought I’d sum them all up here.

The Iron Lady

So which way am I going to go on a film that has divided opinion. Well considering that I was thoroughly bored after only 30 minutes I think the answer is I am coming firmly down on the side of the detractors. This film tells two stories; the first of an elderly Thatcher fighting against dementia and grief, the second is of her rise to power and fame during her record reign as British PM.

Well, I found the modern day tale thoroughly boring and distracting and would audibly sigh whenever we would be transported back to the modern age. As for the “glory years”, I found this time far more interesting but it just went too fast. There were glimpses of amazing stories to be told (strikes, riots, war) but we just flitted in and out of them with little pause for thought.

While Streep’s performance was good I don’t think it was anywhere near good enough to carry the film. I look forward to when someone in a decade or so creates a proper biopic of this fascinating woman.


The Darkest Hour

Energy aliens attack the world. American tourists are trapped in Moscow. Tourists luckily keep meeting Russians fluent in English. Survivors cross city in an attempt to escape. Aliens have secret device that steals the ability for actors to act convincingly. Dullness ensues. The end.



Steven Soderbergh likes to experiment and this time he’s experimented by bringing in a mixed martials arts fighter (Gina Carano) to be a wonder-woman hitman. This film has a convoluted plot, Carano’s lack of acting skills shows in a lot of the scenes and it does seem to drag at times even at 93 minutes long. However, the stellar supporting cast (McGregor, Douglas, Banderas, Fassbender…) are great to watch but more importantly the fighting scenes are brutally realistic. There’s no Matrix-style wire work here, just pucnhes that you know hurt and up close and personal fight scenes I’ve not seen since Bourne. Overall it is a mediocre film but the fights are amazing!


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  1. Your review of The Darkest Hour was quite amusing. :D

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