Cinema review roundup – Efron, Ewan and the Stath

It was looking to be weepy chick-flick week with The Lucky One and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen but Jason Statham added some testosterone at the last minute with Safe. Read my reviews of all three below.

The Lucky One


Zak Efron is a marine in Iraq and his life is saved from an explosion when he finds a photograph of a beautiful woman lying on the ground. He promises himself that when he returns to America he will find the woman in the picture and thank her.

He tracks Taylor Schilling down but can’t get the words out so ends up working for her at her grandmother Blythe Danner’s kennel. You can pretty much guess what happens next!

Full of extremely corny dialogue delivered awkwardly and not very convincingly this film was a hoot to watch! There were moments where I wanted to laugh out loud at how unbelievably bad some parts were. The last 20 minutes in particular were painful to watch and a real mis-step in a plot that could have been handled better.

I can’t claim it was all bad though as there were enjoyable moments and the relationships were fun to watch. It’s just a shame that the dire moments overshadowed the rest.


Lame, badly acted and unintentionally hilarious in places. Could have been ok but ended up just being pretty bad.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen


Britain is in crisis. The war in Afghanistan is not winning popularity votes so the government press secretary Kristen Scot Thomas need a good news story from the Middle East to boost ratings.

In steps a rich oil Sheikh from Yemen who has the wacky notion of introducing salmon fishing to his country. Ewan McGregor is the expert reluctantly brought on board to oversee the project alongside Emily Blunt’s consultant.

Throw in an unhappy marriage, an MIA boyfriend and huge dollops of faith and you have a pretty run-of-the-mill chick-flick. The chemistry between McGregor and Blunt is interesting and Thomas steals the show whenever she is on screen. It’s just a shame that the final third loses its way and can’t quite live up to the potential of the lead up.



Fun, enjoyable for most of the film but sadly can’t end as well as it starts. Worth a watch but not a film I ever envision owning.



A young Chinese girl has the ability to remember anything so her criminal carers get her to remember a very long sequence of numbers. On her way to learn another set of numbers she is kidnapped by Russian criminals who want the number in her head but before they can extract it some crooked cops turn up to take the girl for themselves and she runs.

Enter homeless bum Jason Statham who just happens to be an ex-cop with insane killing skills. He sees the girl in trouble and decides to protect her.

As far as plots go this is bottom of the barrel but what it succeeds in is it gives the movie an excuse to have the Chinese, Russians and police all after Statham as he destroys New York city to protect his ward.

Statham excels in this kind of role and he makes any stupid plot totally watchable. He really is the best action star around at the moment.


Stupid but so much fun. Rated a 15 but the violence is pretty intense throughout. Well choreographed scenes and Statham on form make this a good watch!

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  1. It was the biting of your hand to stop yourself laughing out loud during Lucky One that i found just as funny as the film!! “Lame” is a good word! :)

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