Cinema Review Roundup – Crazy Love and Crazy Nature

This week I’ll be sharing my views on the festival favourite Like Crazy and the latest Liam Neeson actioner The Grey.

Like Crazy

When I saw this film the screening was full of teenager probably expecting a nice and simple romance film. What they would have seen though was far from it. Like Crazy tells the story of an English teenage girl (played by Felicity Jones) studying in America who falls in love with an American student (Anton Yelchin).

So far it is fairly normal but then the girl stays longer than her visa allows and when she tries to return to America after popping home she is denied access. What follows is a very odd film with the two leads trying to lead normal lives while having a long distant relationship.

What was set to be a promising film though turned out to be very mediocre and actually very hard to watch at times. It felt like I was watching an episode of the office with some of the (I assume intentional) cringeworthy moments. I can appreciate why this film is garnering some of the praise it is but for me it was very disappointing and didn’t give me anything that would deserve a second viewing.



The Grey

The director Joe Carnahan has been famous of late for mediocre action films like Smokin’ Aces and The A-Team. So it was a surprise when he teamed up again with the excellent Liam Neeson for the man versus nature thriller.

Liam Neeson plays a man in Alaska whose job is to protect the workers at an oil refinery (my guess) from wolves. Then on a flight back to civilization the plane crashes (in amazing fashion) and the survivors are then stuck (Alive style) in the snow. Things then get worse when wolves start hunting them.

So far it sounds like a simple, paint-by-numbers, actioner but by the end my head was full of sub-text and hidden meanings. As a heart-pounding thriller this film works brilliantly with me jumping out of my skin on various occasions but also it works on so many more intellectual levels and I can’t wait to see it again.

If you think you vcan handle the tension I recommend this film highly and look out for what else might be going on apart from what you see. The film is made so much greater if you do!


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