Cinema review roundup – Cops, lions and some very dangerous kids!

Here are my reviews of 21 Jump Street, We Bought a Zoo and the hotly anticipated The Hunger Games.

21 Jump Street

Here are two cops, one an idiot but very athletic (Channing Tatum), the other a geek with no physical prowess to speak of (Jonah Hill) but both totally inept at being police officers. After a botched arrest they are reassigned to undercover duty at a high school where they must play students to uncover the root of a new drug before it starts to spread.

As far as plot goes that is all you are going to get. What follows is lots of f-bombs, drinking and potty humour. When it works though it is really quite good. Channing Tatum playing an ex-jock who finds himself not cool anymore does very well. Jonah Hill is sadly a little more annoying.

It’s a fairly well worn idea though and there’s nothing particularly new and original here to necessitate more than one viewing.


We Bought a Zoo

Matt Damon is a recent widower who decides to move his 14 year old son and phenomenally cute daughter away from their lives and the memories of his wife and out to a new home. Their home however also turns out to be a rundown zoo that is in desperate need of some love and care. Along with zookeeper Scarlet Johansson and her band of employees they go about redeveloping the zoo and finding what they were missing as a family along the way.

If this sounds schmaltzy and sickly then that’s because it is. But it’s ok because it works and director Cameron Crowe pulls it off. I had almost a permanent smile throughout and loved every minute of it. A film suitable for every age and one that will be gracing my DVD shelf in years to come.


The Hunger Games

I had high hopes for this film. I’d not read the books but the early buzz was unanimously good. In the future the masses are kept in control by being forced to offer up a boy and a girl from every “district” to fight to the death in the annual Hunger Games. When we join the story it is 16 year Katniss Evenden’s turn from District 12.

The lead up to the games is quite entertaining. Woody Harrelson is great yet again as a former winner who is guiding our heroine through her training. Even Lenny Kravitz is good to watch as Katniss’ fashion guru. Then about half way through the film the games begin and sadly all logic and reason disappear. What was being built up as the main event of the film turns out to be a damp squib. By the end of the film I didn’t care who lived and who died and was thoroughly bored. When the end of the games come and the final demise of the remaining characters is helped along by some additions from the games’ controls I knew that the author/screenwriter had just run out of ideas.

It wasn’t a terrible film but doesn’t deserve the praise or box office figures it is getting. If you want to see this concept done better then go and rent Battle Royale instead.


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