Cinema Review Roundup – Best Picture Oscar Special

After realising I had only seen one of the best picture Oscar nominees I set about rectifying that by seeing the three that are still playing at the cinema. Here are my reactions…

The Artist

There is always one film every year where the buzz surrounding it is bigger than the film itself. The Artist is that film this year. A big star of silent cinema has to contend with his world unravelling around him as talkies become the next big thing. We see his career, marriage and lifestyle fall down around him.

Being set in the silent era the director (Michel Hazanavicius) has chosen to direct his film silently and while it takes a while to adjust it does work. The lead actor (Jean Dujardin) is fantastic and well deserves his best actor nomination and the score had to be good and thankfully is beautiful. Sadly, the storyline isn’t original and the film can’t quite reach the heights it is trying to reach.



War Horse

I like Steven Spielberg, I really do. Refer to my Top 5 Spielberg films to see how much I like his vast body of work. What was he doing here though?! Was this really a Spielberg film? This was sub-par sentimental rubbish.

The story follows a horse through World War 1 and you get to see pieces of different people’s stories as he changes owners (and even sides) over the years. However, at no point did I ever feel engaged enough with any of the protagonists and couldn’t give a monkeys who lived and who died. “But it’s about the horse” I hear you cry. Well I couldn’t give two hoots about him either. It’s a horse that runs and jumps and occasionally neighs.

It was so disappointing that when the credits ran I actually said out loud “was that it?” I was expecting some dramatic scene at the end that would send me sobbing or a great revelation that would get me thinking for weeks after. In the end I was gratedul it was over. That was 140 minutes I wouldn’t get back.

War Horse? More like Insomnia Cure Horse!



The Descendants

Oh my. When the credits rolled in this film I just sat there and watched. My emotions were all over the place and I had just seen what I predict will be riding high on my best of 2012 list come next January (and considering what is to come that is quite a statement).

George Clooney is a husband and father living in Hawaii whose wife is in a coma after and boating accident. He is the “backup parent” who suddenly has to take control and look after his two daughters.

What happens over the next 2 hours though cannot easily be summed up in words. I laughed, I cried and Clooney was absolutely superb. I predict this will be his year for the long overdue best actor Oscar. He portrays such emotion and feeling in ever expression. You can totally see what his character is going through without him having to say a word.

The praise doesn’t just belong to him though. newcomer Shailene Woodley plays his 17 year old daughter and is amazing. The story is so well written and the pacing is perfect. I almost didn’t want it to end but when the ending did come it was absolutely perfect.


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  1. I got that feeling from The Descendants when I saw the trailer for it!
    Would love to catch it one day, as it looks brilliant! :smile:

  2. Yeah, that’s pretty much how I felt about “The War Horse”, too.

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